BBVIP Rewards Program

BBVIP Rewards Program allows you to earn points for certain actions you take on our site. For example, just for signing up now you will earn 50 reward points.
BB Rewards which you can redeem at time of purchase towards the cost your order are an additional benefit for BBVIP Members and just one of the other ways we thank you for being our loyal customer.

How do I earn points?

Reward Structure
BBVIP Rewards Structure

How do I redeem points?

You need to sign in to your BBVIP Club member account. Under the My Rewards tab you will see BB Rewards listed. When you have enough available points, click the "Redeem" next to any qualifying eligible reward.

BB Rewards Program Policy

  • Tax, shipping or promotional discounts are not eligible for reward points.
  • The points become available after 45 days of your purchase.
  • In case of a return, the refunds will be deducted from total reward points available.
  • Points expire after 365 days unless used.
  • In order to be eligible for the reward points you need to register no longer than 5 days after if you forget to register at the time of you are placing your order.

    Register today to BB VIP Club tostart taking advantage of our reward program and other member benfits.